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Thinking inside the garage!


    We specialize in making Independent Christian Movies.  We have a great desire to make good quality family friendly movies.  Movies that are fun and entertaining to watch.  Our goal is to make good quality movies with a great story and to let the Lord lead us.  Jesus told great stories and that's what we want to do.  We use creative ways and not multi-million dollar budgets to make our films.  With the help of the Lord and lots of hard work we are able to successfully complete them.

Our desire is to put the Lord first in everything we do.
- Independent Christian Movie Producer Jeffery Peterson -

        “Garage Dwellers"

is the story of a man in search of a dream. I think most of us are trying to reach a goal in life. Some of us have a dream and know what we want, some have no clue and are just going through life working to pay the bills, feeling empty and without purpose. This film is for both."

WELCOME TO Garage Dweller Studios!

the entire family can enjoy together.


Looking for quality entertaining Christian movies with a good message?  You found them. 

Our goal is to make best movies possible on low budgets using creative ways.